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How To Use These Videos

In order to better understand the Vireo Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Submission and Management System, Texas Digital Library has prepared a series of Videos on a wide range of topics.  These videos are intended to supplement the training available through

If you would like to see additional videos, have suggestions for corrections, etc...  please email us at:

Videos are arranged by: 

  • Student Submission
  • The four main tabs in the ETD Submission and Management Administrative tool

Student Submission

Student Submission of ETDs to the Vireo ETD Submission and Management System is performed in five steps.

Opening and Step 1  Verify Your Information
Step 2  License Agreement 

Step 3  Document Information

Step 4  Upload Your Files

Step 5  Confirm & Submit

Management System Tour

Tour  A 5 minute overview of what ETD management staff can expect to see in the Administrative portion of the Vireo System.

List Tab

Filtering for "Assigned To"  Filtering for ETDs by who has been assigned to work on the ETD.

Filtering by Status  Using the Status of an ETD to Filter. For example: Finding all ETD's that are in the "submitted" status.

Removing Filters  Removing filters from the "filtered by" stage.

Building a Custom Filter  Building a custom filter for repeatable tasks.

Removing a Custom Filter  Removing custom filters from your profile.

Filtering Using Multiple Options In the List Tab, filtering using multiple options or items from the filter menu.

Adding an Item to Your Filter  Adding items from the "Filter" menu to your "filtered by" state. In this example, we add a "status" to the areas which you may filter by.

Removing an Item From Your Filter  Removing a "status" (or any other filter option) from your list of "filtered by" options.

View Tab

Tour of the View Tab  A tour of the "View Tab" in Vireo. This Tab displays all information surrounding an individual ETD.

Opening Documents A quick tutorial in how to locate and open PDFs, supplementary files, etc… within an ETD.

Action Log The Action Log contains information regarding all actions taken surrounding a particular ETD. This includes who took the action, date of action, sort of action, etc... You may also create private notes to the team, public notes to be shared with students and faculty, and generate emails from the Action Log.

Assigning Ownership of an ETD Users may claim responsibility or ownership of an ETD for processes of workflow. They may also assign that ETD to a co-worker.

Custom Actions  In the View Tab, all ETDs have a Custom Actions list. This list is created by the institution as a work flow tool, intended to assist users as they ensure the ETD and student have fulfilled all needed steps before the ETD is released.

The Three Sub Tabs of the View Tab  The three sub-tabs of the main View Tab in Vireo. Personal, Document and Degree Information, as well as how to edit data in these fields.

Changing the Submission Status  How to change and/ or update the "Submission Status" of an ETD.

Log Tab

Log Tab The Log Tab enables users to view all actions taken by staff, students and faculty in relation to an ETD. This video demonstrates how to search and sort in the Action Log.

Settings Tab

User Preferences Users have the ability to select from a menu of options to adjust the items available in their dashboard. Options include adjusting number of ETDs visible, which columns they’d like to choose from, and what items they prefer in the filter options.

Application Settings  Settings for Submission Instructions, Availability, Custom action Check List, and Giving and Removing Access to Vireo

Configurable Settings  Setting available Colleges, Degrees, Document Types, Graduation Months for your ETD system.

Email Options  Users can create email templates, set automated emails, and set other options to expedite communication with faculty and students.

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