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As a part of the Scrum methodology used by the TDL development team, TDL holds a public demonstration of software development work at the end of each development cycle, or "sprint." These demonstrations, called Sprint Reviews, are open to anyone who wishes to attend and observe, either in-person or remotely, and TDL welcomes members to join us and see the work the software developers are doing on high-priority development efforts, including Vireo, the TDL Preservation Network, and the Texas Learning Object Repository.

Below is information about how to attend and what to expect at a Sprint Review. Please also refer to the Sprint Review Etiquette article for additional information about attendance.


How to Attend a Sprint Review

The TDL will send out an invitation to the TDL email list each week with details about time, location, and remote attendance options.

As of January 1, 2011, the TDL development team is scheduling work in one-week sprints and, generally speaking, holds a Sprint Review each Thursday at 2:30 PM.

In Person Attendance

You can attend a TDL Sprint Review in person at the TDL offices in the Perry-Castaneda Library at UT Austin. The TDL office is located on the 1st floor of the library in room 1.402.

Remote Attendance

You can attend remotely via web and phone conference.

TDL uses Adobe Connect for screen sharing and a conference phone line for audio. The TDL will send detailed instructions for accessing the phone and web conference tools in each email invitation for a Sprint Review.

What to Expect at a Sprint Review

The primary purpose of the Sprint Review is to allow the sprint’s Product Owner (Scrum terminology for the customer or customer representative) to determine the success of the sprint in achieving its stated goals.

What Happens at a Sprint Review

At a Sprint Review, a member of the development team serves as the Moderator to show the work completed on the User Stories assigned to the sprint. He or she reads the User Story and the Acceptance Criteria and then demonstrates the completed solution using working software. The Moderator then asks the Product Owner whether the solution successfully meets the Acceptance Criteria, and the Product Owner answers yes or no. If the answer is no, the User Story will go back in the Product Backlog to be worked on again in a future sprint. If the Product Owner agrees that the Acceptance Criteria have been met, the User Story is marked as complete.

Other Things to Note

  • The Sprint Review is deliberately informal, with no PowerPoint slides or speeches.
  • The Sprint Review is short - 30 minutes or less.
  • The principal participants are the Moderator/Demo Leader and the Product Owner - everyone else is primarily an observer.
  • In rare cases, if external factors dictate, a sprint may be aborted, or cancelled completely. If this happens, the Sprint Review will not be held and the TDL will communicate that information to the TDL membership.

Sprint Review Etiquette

Read these three simple guidelines for attending a Sprint Review.

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